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Who is Mariachi Loco?

We are a musical band based in London that performs throughout the United Kingdom, everywhere in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. With 20 years of Experience, we make sure we provide the best traditional Mexican folk music better-known worldwide as “Mariachi”. With our professionalism in how we approach our craft of musical art, our main priorities is always to keep our audience entertained. We are also proud to say we have never received any negative feedback.

We perform live mariachi for all types of events; weddings, parties, ceremonies, festivals and more. Our band consists of guitars, guitarron (Mexican bass), vihuela, trumpet, violin, and accordion. Depending on if you want a trio, quartet or more, we will always send the right musicians. We are also very committed to our work and always perform in the traditional  mariachi outfit.

Why Choose us?

As a band we believe we tick all the boxes when it comes to work:

√ – Professional – The band is fully trained, with regular rehearsals and with most importantly years of experience.
√ – Video/Audio – Watch the band in action. As well as hear the band for yourselves.
√ – Feedback – we have testimonials and comments from previous clients.
√ – Repertoire – A good selection of songs which include Mexican classics, Latin pop, and English pop music.
√ – Presentation – Always well presented with the mariachi attire which was tailor made in Latin America.
√ – Insurance – Our own Public Liability Insurance to the value of 5 million.
√ – Convenient & Assurance – Book quickly and convenient directly through us! And we will guarantee your booking, right through the very last song.


We perform week in, week out, non-stop due to the high demands of live mariachi music covering all types of events from birthday parties, weddings, restaurant openings to high profile events. We are always ready and prepared for all types of performances. So if you are planning on hiring a friendly and reliable band then feel free to get in touch with us.

Mariachi Loco UK - Quartet

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